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Adventure Hunt - Magic

Sale price$49.95

Great Wizard Wren is creating a magic potion using priceless treasure… can you stop him in time?

Players: 3-8 (Packs of 6)

Recommended Age: All ages

Average Game Time: 10-20 minutes

The Adventure Hunt range brings people together to solve a puzzle and recover a lost treasure.

These bonbons centre on novel 3D-printed artefacts, designed and printed by us in Brisbane (QLD), using starch-derived plastic.

Bound to be great fun for everyone!

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Michael James

These were great fun at our Christmas party, definitely an upgrade on the usual crackers. I purchased two sets (space and magic) to play with the same group but one probably would have been okay. The puzzle is a variation on a theme so both were solved almost the same way. Best to keep one set for family Christmas and another for friend Christmas. I would definitely buy again!

Georgina Clare

Everyone enjoyed the bon bons - it really added to the fun celebratory atmosphere and got eveyone off to a great start. well executed and great attention to detail. thank you!

Melissa Mason

Brilliant! I always hunt out different crackers for Christmas and was thrilled to find these as they are a perfect blend of two of my favourite things - Christmas and escape rooms! I bought 2 sets - Magic and Pirate - and used them on Christmas Day and Boxing Day. We were a bit stumped on Christmas Day. It eventually solved then puzzle, and Boxing Day was definitely easier as we knew what to expect. But both puzzles were fun and the beautifully crafted pieces and clues made it reasonable challenging. Will definitely be buying them again next year. Highly recommend.

Laura van der Pennen

Our group had lots of fun with these. The level of detail in the story and items was excellent and the puzzles were fun to solve. This made a great activity and we will be buying other sets in the future.

Carol Dezius

Could not rate until Christmas because - that's when we used them! Got three packs for a celebration of 20 adults and was highly impressed. Everyone participated which made my day. I set the tables so each six were together. The little treasures inside were delightful. Well worth the money and delivery was prompt.