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Our Transition to Silent Snaps in Bonbons and Crackers

Embracing Quiet Innovations

In the spirit of innovation and mindful celebrations, we are excited to share with you the thoughtful transition our business is undergoing. In response to the evolving preferences of our diverse clientele and a commitment to environmental sustainability, we are shifting from traditional loud snaps to a more relaxed experience with silent snaps. This change is not only about transforming our products but also about creating a more inclusive and eco-friendly festive experience for all.

It was important to us that we did not just remove the snaps, but instead innovated and created something that could still deliver the “tug-of-war” style resistance we are all used to. So, we have developed an eco-friendly snap that will produce a quieter sound, while still providing resistance as you pull the bonbons apart. 

Our reason for transitioning from conventional chemical snaps to our silent snaps is multi-faceted and outlined below. 

Environmental Impact and Sustainability

Traditional Christmas crackers often rely on the use of chemicals (specifically silver fulminate) to produce the signature loud snaps. Unfortunately, the production and disposal of these chemicals contributes to environmental pollution. Recognizing our environmental responsibilities, we are embracing a more sustainable approach by eliminating the need for such chemicals. Our silent snaps not only reduce the ecological footprint associated with production but also align with our commitment to eco-friendly practices.

Reducing Anxiety, Promoting Inclusivity

Based on industry research and customer feedback, a growing number of people prefer a quieter and more relaxed atmosphere during festive gatherings. In our commitment to inclusivity, we want everyone to enjoy the moments of celebration without any discomfort or anxiety. By adopting quiet snaps, we aim to create a more tranquil and stress-free environment during joyful gatherings, ensuring that everyone can partake in the fun without hesitation. 

Streamlined Shipping for a Global Celebration

The transition to quiet snaps also brings practical benefits for our customers, especially those who wish to travel with or gift our crackers both domestically and internationally. Some airlines permit crackers/bonbons in luggage, while others strictly prohibit them due to safety considerations. This disparity leaves passengers uncertain about whether they can bring bonbons onboard, adding an unexpected layer of complexity to holiday travel plans. 

The absence of explosive chemicals makes shipping easier and more cost-effective. We understand the joy of sharing festive traditions with loved ones around the world, and our new silent snaps ensures that our crackers can be easily transported, spreading the holiday cheer far and wide. All of our bonbons will be safe for flight and our packaging labels have been updated to reflect this change. 

Our bonbons are more than just a snap

At Bonbon Fusion, our focus has consistently centered around innovating our distinctive contents and prioritizing customer satisfaction, while upholding ethical business practices. In doing so, our bonbons have evolved beyond the traditional offerings of yesteryear. As we usher in a new era for our Christmas cracker business, we invite you to join us in embracing silent snaps. This transition is not just about changing a feature; it's a testament to our commitment to creating a more inclusive, sustainable, and globally accessible experience. We appreciate your support as we continue to evolve and redefine the art of celebration, one silent snap at a time.