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About Us

Family Owned

Brisbane Based

Australian Made

We are a family owned and operated business, located in Brisbane. Early in 2019, we were inspired to create something that would bring people together through fun activities during festive occasions like Christmas. And so began our quest to reinvent the classic tradition of the Christmas bonbon!

After ten months of intensive research, design and production, we were proud to launch our business and start selling bonbons that remain the first and only of their kind in the market. With new and unique design features, the bonbons are a way for people to get involved in fun experiences and activities like they never have before! 

Our bonbons are innovative from conceptualisation to finished product and are designed and hand made by us in Australia. It is our ongoing priority and commitment to produce high quality products, using ethically sourced materials.

We are proud to be the owners of Bonbon Fusion and to be fulfilling our mission of creating exciting new ways for people to celebrate together!

nick mclean bonbon fusion founder


Nick Mclean, Founder

Nick draws on his training and skills as a physicist and experienced mechanical engineer in using state-of-the-art software programs and 3D printers in the design and production process. He designs and produces, via 3D printing, the feature content pieces of all the ranges of bonbons we sell. 

After working in the space industry for four years, Nick returned to university in order to consolidate his skills in advanced manufacturing. Since completing his Masters in 2023, he has worked full time at Bonbon Fusion. Nick believes strongly in what the company produces and is very excited about what lies ahead. 

To hear more from Nick, check out our sit-down Q&A with him!