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Adventure Hunt - Egypt

Sale price$49.95

Can you help Azmia the Adventurer figure out how to unseal the Great Pharaoh Bonbon’s Sarcophagus?

Players: 3-8 (Packs of 6)

Recommended Age: All ages

Average Game Time: 10-20 minutes

The Adventure Hunt range brings people together to solve a puzzle and recover a lost treasure.

These bonbons centre on novel 3D-printed artefacts, designed and printed by us in Brisbane (QLD), using starch-derived plastic.

Bound to be great fun for everyone!

Customer Reviews

Based on 50 reviews
Kylie Flint

Watching the family around the table solve the clues together was a lovely Christmas memory. I'm so glad you also include the paper crowns, there always has to be paper crowns on Christmas Day!

Trudy-ann Addabbo

I love to surprise my family each Christmas with a new game or activity. Your crackers were everything that was promised. Beautifully made and thoughtfully put together. We loved them! Will be ordering more this Christmas!!

Amanda Petersen

We love the idea of this and it was good fun to play. It only took us about 5 minutes to complete, which given the cost, was a little disappointing. I was really hoping that it would be more interactive and we would need to follow more of a story. It is a great concept. The bonbon's were great quality and the contents were well organised. The response time was great. I would love to be able to return the items (not the bonbon part obviously) for some kind of repeat business discount??

Jenny Shaw

Best bonbons we have ever had! My family (all in their 20s) had so much fun reading the clues and solving the puzzle that it took precedence over eating their Christmas lunch! Very impressed that the parts can be recycled and will be returning them to you.

John Probert

The Bonbons were terrific. Well made, a great challenge and rightly priced. We all had fun working out the codes. Boxes of eight or ten would be appreciated for some of our larger groups. Thank you for a fun challenge on Christmas day.