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Record-Breaking Cracker Fun

Record-Breaking Cracker Fun

What could be more fun than snapping a cracker or two when you’re celebrating with family and friends?  In this blog, we bring you stories about people who got such a kick out of it, they took the ...

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popular paper christmas crafts

Popular Paper Crafts for Kids and Adults

How wonderful is it that paper crafts have made a huge comeback this year! If you’re feeling like a digital detox or just a few hours away from your usual routine, then getting creative with paper ...

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amazing easter sweet foods

Eight Sweet Favourites for Easter

Easter is coming and the Easter Bunny, with his basket full of goodies, will soon be on his way! And why not add to the fun this year by making some of your own mouth-watering sweets? There’s alway...

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Valentines day alternatives

Valentine’s Day – More Than A Day for Lovers!

Valentine’s Day might have begun as a day to celebrate love and romance but it has grown into so much more! In many countries, it’s a day to celebrate friendship and acquaintanceships of all sorts,...

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How Valentines Day became a day of romance

How Valentine’s Day Became a Day of Love and Romance

If ever there was a tale of good triumphing over evil, the story of Valentine’s Day is it! It seems that this wonderful occasion to celebrate romance and love actually originated from violent celeb...

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Fantastic christmas food ideas

Fantastic Food For Christmas!

Our Ten Favourite Dishes for 2022 Imagine how under-dressed the Christmas dinner table would feel without a snappy cracker on each place setting! Since they originated in the UK in the 1840s and re...

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Christmas Trivia

Annual Christmas Quiz (2022)

Ready for some Christmas trivia fun? With the festive season coming soon, why not find out how much you know about the important traditions and irrelevant facts of Christmas! Interested? If so, 24 ...

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where did christmas dinner traditions come from?

The Origin of Christmas Dinner Favourites

Have you ever wondered why roast turkey is such a popular meat at Christmas? Why ham is so often the centrepiece of the Christmas dining table? Why the pavlova is such a favourite that it has Austr...

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ways to keep dogs entertained

Great Ways to Entertain Your Furry Friends

Pets Love Celebrating! Who can resist those beautiful eyes looking at you longingly (dogs) or curiously (cats) whenever there’s fun going on? Not many of us, it seems! Whether it’s their own birthd...

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crackers for events other than christmas

Crackers for All Seasons and Reasons

Get Ready to be Surprised! We all know that crackers aren’t just for Christmas – right? Why limit all the fun to once a year! We’ve recently celebrated Christmas in July (check out our blog, in cas...

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