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Article: Annual Christmas Quiz (2023)

Annual Christmas Quiz (2023)

Ready for some more Christmas trivia fun this year? Just as we promised last year, here’s another Bonbon Fusion Christmas Quiz coming your way, packed with 24 interesting and fun-filled questions that are sure to test your knowledge of Christmas traditions.

  • If you want to quiz yourself, just note down your answers and refer to the answers page once you’ve finished.

  • If you want to quiz someone else you can check out the answers page (which includes the questions).

Good luck!

good christmas trivia

Choose one option per question:

1. In which country did the tradition of exchanging gifts on Christmas originate? 

a) Germany 

b) United States 

c) Italy 

d) France

2. What's the name of the Christmas Eve tradition in which Australians gather to sing carols outdoors? 

a) Christmas Jamboree

b) Carols in the Courtyard 

c) Carols by Candlelight 

d) Yuletide Serenade

3. Which plant is often associated with Christmas and is believed to bring good luck? 

a) Rose 

b) Poinsettia 

c) Lily 

d) Daisy

4. What's the name of the villain who tries to stop Christmas from coming in Dr. Seuss's story?

a) The Grinch 

b) Scrooge 

c) Jack Frost 

d) Krampus

5. What's the Australian tradition of "Secret Santa" also known as? 

a) Aussie Gift Swap 

b) Kris Kringle 

c) Down Under Exchange 

d) Outback Present Pass

Secret Santa

6. Which popular Christmas beverage is made from eggs, milk, sugar, and nutmeg? 

a) Eggnog 

b) Hot chocolate 

c) Mulled wine 

d) Cider

7. In Australia, instead of reindeer, what animal is said to pull Santa's sleigh? 

a) Kangaroo 

b) Koala

c) Emu 

d) Wombat

8. Which song made history by becoming the first song to be played in space using a musical instrument? 

a) Silent Night

b) White Christmas

c) Jingle Bells

d) All I want for Christmas

9. In the movie “Home Alone,” where are the McCallisters going for their Christmas holiday when they leave Kevin behind?

a) Paris

b) New York

c) Rome

d) Helsinki

10. What's a popular Australian Christmas dessert often served during the hot summer months? 

a) Banana cake

b) Pumpkin pie 

c) Sticky date pudding

d) Pavlova

11. How many gifts are given in total in the song "The Twelve Days of Christmas"? 

a) 48 

b) 78 

c) 364 

d) 144

The Twelve Days of Christmas

12. In the movie "Elf," what's the name of the elf played by Will Ferrell? 

a) Buddy 

b) Jingle 

c) Sparky 

d) Twinkle

13. What's the name of the tradition where groups of carolers go door-to-door singing Christmas songs? 

a) Jingle Bells 

b) Deck the Halls 

c) Wassailing 

d) Merry Melodies

14. Which Scandinavian country is said to be the home of Santa Claus (known as "Joulupukki")? 

a) Sweden 

b) Norway 

c) Finland 

d) Denmark

15. What is the significance of the "Boxing Day Test Match" in Australia? 

a) A cricket match played on December 26th 

b) A traditional boxing tournament 

c) A horse racing event 

d) A rugby match played on December 26th

16. Which brand is known for creating the ad campaign featuring Santa in a red suit for the first time?

a) Nike 

b) Coca-Cola

c) Coco Chanel

d) Arnott’s

17. What are Christmas decorations called in the UK? 

a) Knickknacks 

b) Trinkets 

c) Bangles 

d) Baubles

18. In which city were Christmas crackers first invented? 

a) Manchester 

b) London 

c) Liverpool 

d) Birmingham

19. How far does Santa travel to deliver the presents to all the homes in the world? 

a) 10 million kilometres 

b) 10 thousand kilometres 

c) 1 million kilometres 

d) 100 thousand kilometres

Santa and his reindeer

20. In which country are letters to Santa addressed to the postcode “H0H 0H0”?

a) Denmark 

b) Argentina 

c) Italy 

d) Canada

21. Which of the following is the highest-grossing Christmas movie? 

a) Love Actually 

b) The Grinch 

c) A Christmas Carol 

d) The Polar Express

22. Which actress has the lead role in 2018 Christmas movie “The Princess Switch”?

a) Selena Gomez 

b) Jennifer Lawrence 

c) Margot Robbie 

d) Vanessa Hudgens

23. When was Christmas banned in the UK? 

a) 1547 

b) 1647

c) 1747 

d) 1847

24. Which of the following ingredients doesn’t belong in a modern Christmas mince pie? 

a) Meat 

b) Dried fruit 

c) Cinnamon 

d) Pastry

The End

How did you go? We hope you had a good time figuring out the answers - and maybe learned a fun fact or two! Click here for the answers and tally up your score!

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