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Article: What’s inside Christmas Crackers?

What’s inside Christmas Crackers?

When people think of Christmas crackers, it’s often the traditional contents that come to mind. And, let’s face it, there’s a lot of fun associated with cracking open a bonbon and discovering a festive trinket, a paper hat, and a cheesy joke. However, the contents of Christmas crackers, or bonbons as we tend to call them here at Bonbon Fusion, can be much more exciting and entertaining than the traditional variety. 

So, while we start below with the genesis of bonbons and a nod to their inventor, Tom Smith, we then move to the opulence of luxury varieties and those such as our Adventure Hunt range that offer so much more. 

christmas cracker contents?

Traditional Contents

Let's first pay homage to the humble origins of Christmas crackers. Born in the 19th century, these whimsical novelties were the brainchild of Tom Smith, a visionary confectioner based in London. Inspired by ‘bon bon’ sweets (sugared almonds wrapped in tissue paper) on a trip to Paris, Mr Smith set out to create his own variety, ultimately developing the Christmas cracker to hold the sweets. (You can discover more here.) Over the next forty years or so, the crackers (also known as bonbons and bon bons) came to include the following traditional items:

Festive Trinkets: Traditional crackers contain an array of charming (some might, on occasion, say junky 😊!) trinkets, from miniature puzzles to toy figurines. These simple surprises add to an atmosphere of fun and festivity as everyone around the table reveals their particular loot!

Paper Crowns: No festive table is complete without the iconic paper crowns adorning the heads of guests. They’re great for inspiring merriment and camaraderie and encouraging everyone to embrace the festive spirit. Based on customer demand, we include them in some of our Bonbon Fusion ranges. And we love wearing them ourselves!

Cheesy Jokes: Prepare for groans and giggles as you unwrap the classic jokes hidden within traditional crackers. These timeless and family-friendly one-liners may be predictable, but they never fail to elicit smiles and laughter.

Miniature Ornaments: Traditional crackers often contain small ornaments or charms, perfect for adorning the Christmas tree or adding a touch of whimsy to holiday décor. From glittering snowflakes to tiny baubles, these treasures add to the magic of the festive occasion.

christmas party hats
Love those Party Hats!
Credit: Country Living  

Luxury Bonbons

Now, let’s travel into the realm of luxury, where Christmas crackers transcend tradition to become what could be considered works of art, often crafted with precision and adorned with rare and precious materials.

Fine Jewellery: Imagine the awe of discovering a miniature jewellery box nestled inside your cracker, containing exquisite jewels of the highest calibre. From dazzling diamonds to vibrant gemstones, these treasures are symbols of elegance and opulence, and are made to keep! If you’re interested in reading more, check out our earlier blog

As far as we can tell, Tiffany and Co . still hold the record for the most expensive cracker ever, producing the “little blue cracker” for the 2013 Coronation Festival. It contained 11 pieces of diamond jewellery (including a platinum necklace and a pink tourmaline ring) and sold for a jaw-dropping 180,000 British pounds (over $300,000 AUD)!

Jewellery in a christmas cracker
Jewellery in a Bon Bon, Anyone?

Bespoke Timepieces: Luxury crackers may house bespoke timepieces crafted by watchmakers, using rare and precious materials. These horological delights are more than just accessories; they’re works of art destined to be cherished for generations.

Artistic Masterpieces : Prepare to be captivated by the artistic wonders concealed within these luxury crackers! From miniature sculptures to hand-painted porcelain figurines, these bonbons promise to bring forth admiration and lots of ‘oohs and ahhs’!

Designer-Label Shells: One of the most appealing features of many luxury bonbon brands is the creative and often quite stunning printing paper used in the shells. From beautifully-textured high-quality gloss paper to glossy metallic and glittery varieties, these cracker styles are sure to impress. 

The Reimagined Bonbon 

First to market in 2019 and remaining the only one of their kind, Bonbon Fusion crackers represent a complete reconceptualisation of the traditional varieties. And the proof is in the contents! Containing interactive 3D-printed game pieces (as well as a party hat, of course!), the Bonbon Fusion ranges are a way for people to get involved in fun experiences and activities like they never have before! (And, by the way, all our bonbons now have silent snaps, creating a more inclusive and eco-friendly festive experience for all.)

Take the Adventure Hunt range, for example, where you team up with others in the party and use clues and 3D-printed artefacts to go on an adventure hunt and uncover a treasure. You might discover you have a cryptex but don’t know the code and someone else holds the secret to unlocking it!

Each bonbon in the pack of six of six contains at least one 3D-printed artefact, a jewellery pouch, a party hat, and adventure-related notes to get the party started! 

luxury red christmas crackers
Bonbon Fusion : Entertain Differently

Of course, there’s no restricting the fun and games of crackers to the Christmas season! There’s a place for them on lots of festive occasions. Easter, date nights, Christmas in July, weddings, birthday parties, and the list goes on! Check out our Seasons and Reasons blog for some fun reading and our website for the variety of ranges we have on offer! 

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