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Article: Do People Use Christmas Crackers for Christmas in July?

Do People Use Christmas Crackers for Christmas in July?

The phenomenon of Christmas in July is quite intriguing, with many of us in the southern hemisphere believing it came about so we could enjoy the sensation of a white (or at least wintry) Christmas with all its trappings. In fact, this wonderful tradition seems to have originated over a hundred years ago in the USA, offering a curious blend of winter festivity in the midst of summertime warmth. Check out our earlier Christmas in July blogs here and here to discover much more!

Within this distinctive celebration lies a question that tickles the curious mind: do Christmas crackers make an appearance during Christmas in July festivities? Traditionally, these whimsical novelties are filled with surprises like paper crowns, jokes, and small trinkets, and are the hallmark of festive meals in various corners of the globe. But what about their role in the mid-year Christmas merriment? Interested in knowing more? Then read on!

The Allure of the Christmas Cracker

Christmas in July has long taken on a life of its own, evolving into a beloved custom celebrated by individuals, communities, and businesses alike. It’s a festive occasion that’s commemorated through a variety of activities, from themed parties and movie marathons to charitable events and fundraisers.

But where do Christmas crackers (or bonbons as we like to call them here at Bonbon Fusion) fit into this July celebration? The answer lies in the adaptability and enduring charm of these festive novelties and games. In regions where Christmas in July is embraced with fervour, such as the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and parts of the United States, the tradition of using bonbons is often upheld alongside other celebratory customs. For some, it’s the enjoyment of cracking open bonbons as they revel in the midsummer festivities. For others, such as we Australians, it’s the joy of coming together for shared fun during a winter feast.

santa in a chair at the beach
An Australian Christmas in July

Yet, the allure of Christmas crackers extends beyond geographic boundaries. In recent years, the tradition has gained popularity in other parts of the world, as individuals and organisations embrace the whimsy of celebrating Christmas in July. Whether it's a corporate retreat, a community fundraiser, or a themed party among friends, the inclusion of Christmas crackers adds a touch of nostalgia and light-heartedness to the occasion, regardless of the season.

In essence, the use of bonbons during Christmas in July embodies the spirit of adaptation and creativity, as traditions are reimagined and reinvented to suit the circumstances of the moment. So, whether you find yourself gathered around a wintry hearth or basking in the summer sun, consider adding a bit of festive flair to your Christmas in July celebrations with a handful of Christmas crackers. 

Bonbon Fusion’s Christmas in July Stock

A common question we receive at Bonbon Fusion is if we have considered doing Christmas in July bonbons and when our stock of Adventure Hunt crackers will be back. We believe Adventure Hunt (and other options coming soon!) would make great additions to Christmas in July celebrations. And we’ve heard from a number of customers who have saved a pack or two from Christmas to celebrate with later in the year, such as Easter and Christmas in July!

The challenge with replenishing stock by mid-year comes with finding the right balance between creating the best possible experience later in the year and producing a consistently high-quality product. During the first part of the year, Nick McLean, the company’s founder, spends a lot of time re-designing and making minor improvements to many of the products’ components, based on customer feedback.

adventure hunt pirate 3d printed parts
Adventure Hunt Pirates in Production

An example from last year is that some people found the treasure chest in Adventure Hunt Pirates was a bit hard to open by pushing with the key, so Nick modified the design to create a more consistent experience. We perform these minor improvements across all our designs, resulting in fairly significant improvements across the whole range of products. This is a very important facet of our company's goal to innovate and constantly improve. We’ve had return customers congratulate us on the constant design improvement, and this is something we are always excited to hear!

The other side to our production schedule is that we’re committed to making as much as we can in house and 3D printing the components. This allows us to create more interesting contents, as well as using a biodegradable plastic for manufacturing. And, of course, our valued customers and readers of this blog know how very much we care about being Australian made!

escape room adventure hunt pirate bonbons

Bonbon Fusion Australian-Made Crackers

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