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Article: Table Settings for Christmas in July

Table Settings for Christmas in July

A Selection of Our Favourite Styles

One of the many highlights of Christmas in July is creating a beautiful table setting for everyone to enjoy. What are your plans for this year? Perhaps you’ll take a traditional approach, with the full regalia. Or a more relaxed style, even venturing outdoors in the warmer climates. And then there’s the white Christmas theme, in honour of the season, which many people enjoy. These ideas, and more, are among a selection of our favourites, which we have pleasure in bringing to you below!

christmas in july table settings

Eye-catching tablescapes

It’s hard to resist the elegance of a traditional setting with stylish décor. This one caught our attention with its minimal dinnerware embellished by long stemmed candles, glossy white crackers and floral arrangements. 

Christmas Table Setting
Credit: Ideal Home

The designers of this setting at Ideal Home also have lots of options for adding a personal touch to the traditional style. Why not play with different levels of height, using spiral candle holders and layered floral displays? Or place small arrangements of fruits, nuts and floral decorations along the length of the table?

You can also add style with warming colours to suit the season. Try incorporating these warming coppers, pinks and bronzes to create an old fashioned, yet contemporary look.

Christmas Plate Setting
Credit: Ideal Home

And why stick with the usual rule of thumb of one or two base colours? Aim for a more dramatic effect by adding lashings of bold colour to the splashes of metallics. Ideal Home suggests brightly patterned plates or, atop a dark tablecloth, plates with bold and novel designs to create that special look. 

Christmas Luxury Table Setting
Credit: Ideal Home

Adding a modern twist to a traditional selection of decorations, the Style Curator uses fruit and stems of heather to bring their table to life. Creatively arranged along the length of the table, you’ll find fresh red apples and small round vases with branches of thryp (the plant, not the insect!). And dotted between are candles in glass votives and star anise. Together, they create vibrancy and add beautiful scents of Christmas. 

christmas table setting
Credit: Style Curator

Another attraction of this setting is that you can make many of the feature pieces yourself! Find out how at our recent blog, where we outlined the design process for flower votives and glitter-dipped wine glasses (an ideal substitute for the round vases). You might also like to add some DIY marbled clay coasters, perhaps in red to complement the colour of the fruit.

This outdoor setting would also work perfectly during the late July days in the northern parts of the country, and a Bonbon Fusion cracker to the left or right of each plate would set the entire arrangement off perfectly!

The Scandi Style

You might have noticed that the Scandi look is very in right now! Inspired by this approach, Emily Henderson uses a touch of playfulness to transform her table into a winter scene through textiles and faux plants. 

White Christmas Setting
Credit: Emily Henderson

To recreate this delightful look, start with a pale coloured tablecloth (try for one with a soft sparkle) and a faux white fur runner. The runner helps generate a Yuletide snow vibe (and is irresistible to touch!) Then add some faux snow-speckled bottle brush trees and branches, on stands or in vases (great budget buys!), to really highlight the Christmas-y feel. 

And next, the pièce de résistance – a ceramic tiny house village, so reminiscent of Scandinavia. You don’t need many miniatures (maybe three to five) and you can select from plastic, wood, porcelain and more. Why not start building up a collection (you can keep them displayed on windowsills and mantels all year round), to have a range to choose from for your next Christmas in July? Try Etsy for a wide selection. 

We also love this Scandi look from Liz Marie’s style blog. 

White Table Setting Luxury
Credit: Liz Marie Blog

The sparkly silver of the reindeers and candles works beautifully with the faux branches and white tableware. And notice how the lacework-style of the candleholders and placemats marry up so well! Now take a moment to imagine this as your Christmas in July setting, a hot fire roaring and crackling in the fireplace beside you!

Or, if you’re feeling less like Scandi and more like an infusion of colour, read on!

Bring on the Colour!

When it comes to the all-important choice of colour for your table setting, you can go with any or all of the four main Christmas colours of green, red, silver and gold. Or forget the rules and choose other colours altogether! Bronze is very popular at the moment and black can be used nicely to bring other colours into focus. 

Over at Table Art, they recommend a base colour of burgundy or dark green to bring life and a “dignified air” to your Christmas in July setting. You can then complement this colour with metallic silver or gold cutlery to evoke the magical feel of a white Christmas. And, with this example, notice how the potted plants add an extra touch of green!

Green and White Christmas Table Setting
Credit: Table Art

In the following setting by KariAnne Wood at Thistlewood Farms, the vibrant red décor brightens up the festive table and says ‘no’ to the traditional look. 

Red and White Christmas Table Setting

Playing off the background wallpaper colour, this next setting cleverly coordinates wintry powder blue linen with a trio of vases holding posies of red flowers. Created by  Marlaina Teich Designs, the design has a traditional Christmas note, while moving beyond the usual colour scheme.

Blue and White Christmas Table Setting

Table Highlights 

Let’s face it – we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to table settings that exude the feeling of Yuletide! Here we suggest four different elements that we think add that special something to this festive celebration. 

A table runner scene setter

Either over a tablecloth or placed directly on the surface, the right table runner is a winner when it comes to creating the perfect ambience! In this stunning setting from SheSez, an understated jute runner is put to great effect in displaying a bold centrepiece. Strewn across the runner, rustic elements of faux antlers and coppery leaves are complemented by bright celadon greenery and flowering pink berry branches. Such a chic and vibrant look!

Blue Christmas Table Setting
Credit: SheSez

Or, if you’re feeling crafty, how about quilting this beautiful runner, which is just begging to be decked out with this year’s Christmas in July tableware! Produced by Julie at the Crafty Quilter, the runner uses a metallic thread to add a touch of sparkle to the stitches, so fitting for the season! Using simple patchwork, a little appliqué and some jumbo rickrack, and following the design tutorial, you’ll have your own unique creation in no time!

Christmas Quilt

Folding the Christmas tree serviette 

How about channelling your origami skills and learning a new folding technique this July? These Christmas tree serviettes (napkins) are such fun and will be sure to take your table setting to the next level!

Christmas Origami
Credit: Instructables

Take out your favourite square serviettes and follow the simple steps provided by Paige Russell at Instructables. It’s just a matter of folding, flipping, then placing and primping on the plates of your choice. 

Another big plus is that a different fabric and colour can instantly change up your style. Check out the white Christmas vibe in this brunch setting by Eden Passante of Sugar and Charm!

Christmas Serviettes
Credit: Sugar and Charm

Never out of place – the trusty place card!

Who needs that awkward ‘where should I sit?’ when you have people over? Place cards cover off on this decision-making well in advance – and also make your guests feel warmly welcomed. 

So very on-theme are these cute DIY cranberry garland place cards from Liz Stanley at Say Yes

Christmas Plate Setting
Credit: Say Yes

Not only practical, these cute mini garlands summon the flavour of Christmas with the deep red colour of the cranberries. And don’t they bring to mind the beautiful Christmas holly berry! (poisonous, so best avoided!). Creating your own requires some low budget supplies (wire, scissors, cranberries, tree trimmings, pen, kraft paper, stamps) and four easy steps, set out at Say Yes.

Matching the place cards with your tablescape adds that extra something. How about this novel idea from west elm for a Scandi Christmas in July?

Christmas Table Ornament
Credit: west elm

The joy of the Christmas cracker

Christmas in July wouldn’t be complete without a cracker for everyone to enjoy! Here at Bonbon Fusion, you’ll find a range of crackers containing fun interactive games designed to bring people together at the festive table. With a stylish, classic aesthetic, the crackers open with a satisfying pop to reveal intriguing 3D-printed artefacts, together with clues and a storyline, which will set you and your guests off on an exciting adventure. 

This Christmas in July, why not try a Pirates adventure and help Azmia the Adventurer unlock Captain Bonbon’s treasure chest? Or go on an ancient Egypt adventure to unseal the Great Pharaoh Bonbon’s Sarcophagus? And then there’s the enticing hunt for Azmia the Adventurer’s lost fortune in a Spy Adventure!  

Escape Room Bonbons

Suitable for all ages and promising to bring such fun to your party this year, the bonbons are sure to be an exciting addition to your table!

Escape Room Bonbon Contents

In closing, we wish you a very happy and joyful time this Christmas in July! May you have great enjoyment and fun as you come together to celebrate during this wonderful festive season!

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