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Article: How Do You Open a Christmas Cracker?

How Do You Open a Christmas Cracker?

Who doesn’t love that sense of anticipation as the Christmas cracker snaps open to reveal the surprises hidden inside! 

However, the art of pulling apart a Christmas cracker goes beyond just unravelling the paper shell! First up, there’s the question of the best way to grasp it. If you’ve ever had this debate around the festive table, you’re not alone! 

And, as it turns out, there is no perfect way! Rather, as we'll explore in this blog, there are various ways to snap a Christmas cracker, from holding the ends with finesse to placing fingers on the snaps for a pop of excitement! Read on to learn more!

How do you open a Christmas bon bon?

The Classic Method: Holding the Ends

The most common and traditional way to pull apart a Christmas cracker is pairing up with a buddy (often the person seated next to you), each holding onto one end of the cracker with your hands. The secret lies in maintaining an equal grip on both ends, ensuring a fair and satisfying pop when the cracker is pulled apart. 

And, according to the UK Christmas website, the best technique for winning the prize (i.e., being the one left holding the core of the cracker) is to hold your end of the cracker lower than your buddy’s (aka adversary😊). This method works wonders for all ages and is a perfect way to involve the whole family in this delightful festive tradition.

Pulling a christmas bon bon

The Traditional Way to Crack a Bonbon

Two-Handed Tug-of-War

For an extra dose of amusement and camaraderie, gather two participants per bonbon to engage in a two-handed tug-of-war. Each person grasps one end of the cracker with both hands and, on the count of three, they both pull with all their might. The teamwork involved in this approach makes it a really fun and often bonding experience for everyone involved.

Two people pulling a christmas bon bon

Two-Handed Cracker Snapping
Credit: The Guardian

The Sneaky Snap: Fingers on the Snaps

Now, for a twist of excitement, why not try placing your fingers directly on the snaps? Rather than holding the ends, position your thumbs on the snaps and your fingers behind the paper. When you pull, the snaps will make contact with your fingers, resulting in a surprising and instantaneous "pop!" It's a fun way to catch everyone off guard and adds an element of suspense to the Christmas cracker experience.

The Partnered Pop: Cross-Arms Style

For a whimsical spin on the classic method, consider partnering up with someone for a "cross-arms style" pull. Stand face-to-face with your partner and cross your arms, each grabbing the opposite end of the cracker. On the count of three, pull in opposite directions, resulting in a theatrical cracker-opening performance that will leave everyone smiling.

Family pulling christmas bon bons

The Cross-Arm Approach to Cracker Snapping

The Gentle Unwrap: No Snaps Involved

If you're seeking a quieter, more controlled approach, consider skipping the snaps altogether. Instead, grasp the cracker gently with both hands, pull it apart, and unwrap the paper to reveal the surprises inside. This method is especially suitable for young children or those who prefer a more relaxed cracker experience. It’s also great for those who don’t like the sound of the cracker going Snap! And both our Bonbon Pets varieties (Bonbon Fido & Bonbon Felix) are snap-less to keep all those noise-sensitive pooches and pusscats happy.  

Cracker Roulette: Blindfolded Pulling

Inject some thrill and suspense into your Christmas cracker activity with a game of "Cracker Roulette". Blindfold each participant before pulling apart their cracker. Not knowing when the snap will happen adds an element of surprise and excitement to the traditional experience. 

The Festive Countdown

Embrace the spirit of Christmas with a festive countdown before pulling apart the crackers. Gather your loved ones and, in unison, count down from ten to one. As the countdown reaches zero, everyone pulls their crackers open simultaneously, filling the room with laughter and cheer. Or you could go one (big) step further and emulate the UK Harrodian School community who came together in December 2015 to form a record-breaking continuous chain of 1081 people. Each person held two bonbons and, on the countdown to zero, all snapped their crackers at the same time! Quite an amazing feat!

Large gathering of people pulling christmas bon bons

The World’s Longest Christmas Cracker Chain
Credit: Harrodian

Cracker Relay Race

Turn the cracker-pulling into a lively relay race. Form teams and set up a designated area where participants must run to grab their crackers, pull them open, and then pass the hat, joke, and treats to the next team member. The first team to complete the relay wins a special prize! 

Probably not a great game choice for our ranges of Adventure Hunt bonbons, although you could follow the same basic steps and do a gift exchange – passing on the intriguing contents of the mesh bags (every bonbon in the set is different) to another team member.

The Epic Cracker Duel

For a touch of drama and excitement, challenge a family member or friend to an epic "Cracker Duel." Each person chooses their favourite cracker, and then they stand back-to-back, holding one end each. On the count of three, they take a few steps apart and pull with all their might. The cracker that comes apart first declares the winner!

 Festive luxury bon bons

Waiting for the Party to Begin
Credit: Historic UK

Here at Bonbon Fusion, we’ve shifted from the traditional loud snaps to a more relaxed experience with silent snaps. This was in response to the evolving preferences of our diverse clientele and a commitment to environmental sustainability, and was not only about transforming our products but also about creating a more inclusive and eco-friendly festive experience for all.

Whether you prefer the classic method of holding the ends of the bonbon or the thrill of placing your fingers on the snaps, the true magic of the Christmas cracker experience lies in the shared joy and laughter it brings to the festive occasion. 

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